A little R&R while couponing


In the midst of final exams – for a graduate course in financial investment (urghhh!!!) – I decided to calm my nerves with some couponing. We’ve also been running low on things like toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner, deodorant, and so on, so why not get them while they’re cheap! I had my coupons clipped, printed and organized and went to my local Safeway grocery store on a serious mission!


It would have been nice to do a breakdown of the deals, coupons used,  special Safeway card coupons, but there was to much going on – maybe next time. To make a long story short – these 20 items would have cost me a total of $92.90, but instead my total (including taxes) was $29.90!

Mission accomplished!


Safeway couponing receipt


Later that evening I couldn’t resist also going to Target. There was a rare alignment of a Target Cartwheel 25% off deal, and a $1 off manufacturer coupon for Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion- which my husband loves!

So with the two discounts combined each bottle of lotion, usually  $5.29 cost me $2.96 each (before taxes)!


Target couponing receipt

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