Born This Way

This show sneaked up on me. After watching Married at First Sight (another favorite show) I happened to keep the tv on A&E and this fabulous show came on. That was it!


What I love the most about this show is how regular their lives are.

I don’t personally know anyone with down syndrome, so I hadn’t the slightest idea what everyday life is like for people with this disability. When I see Megan dealing with her long distance relationship, Steven and Sean learning to be roommates together, Cristina missing her fiance, or Elena feeling lonely amidst all the couples (even though she is happy that her friends found love), I realize that their daily troubles are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. They may react to some things differently, like crying when they found out that one of their group is pre-diabetic, but they’re just people pursuing their dreams.

I also really love their sense of humor. These kids (young adults) are SO funny and so full of life!

Not to mention, there were a couple of episodes where they visited my home country Trinidad and Tobago! How awesome is that!


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