Homemade Chipotle

Guess what’s for dinner?!!!


I can’t take credit for the recipes. I found them on Pinterest, however I did tweak them a little.


For the chicken I used this recipe. You’ll also need the homemade taco seasoning recipe.
Tweak: I don’t always get the specific brand of Chipotles in adobo; this time I used the Embassa brand. I also added extra chili powder to the marinade.

wp-1475207254869.jpg      20160926_235221.jpg


For the fajitas I cooked the peppers and onions on high heat and added some of the homemade taco seasoning from the chicken recipe.



For the beans I used this recipe.
Tweak: I added freshly grated garlic. I used Goya brand beans and rinsed 1 can, and half of the other can.

For the rice I boiled the rice then added salt, lime, and cilantro to taste.

For the corn salsa I used this recipe. No tweak.

For the pico de gallo I used this recipe. No tweak.

I don’t have a recipe for the sauces (well none that I like) so I use Tostitos salsa.



I also used regular Daisy sour cream, and Mexican shredded cheese.

Voila! Chipotle at home!


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