Confessions of an “old” millennial

What is an old Millennial?
According to PEW Research Center Millennials are the generation born in 1980 or after. So, by that measure I’m a Millennial. The only thing is I don’t fit the bill 100%.
I have a very vague idea of what is Snapchat / Periscope / all other social media that came into existence or popularity after Instagram? And I still can’t comprehend why these “young’uns” need ALL of them.

When did the pound sign become a hashtag?

When did smileys become emojis and what’s the difference?

I’m young enough to be optimistic about the future (like most Millennials), but old enough that I don’t expect everything instantaneously (unlike the stereotypical Millennial).

I’m young enough to appreciate seeing a Clinton run for president, enjoy the Simpsons on T.V., and at least understand why people are into Pokemon (although I’m not planning on getting into it).

I’m old enough to experience the deja vu of seeing a Clinton running for election, remember there was a time before when the Simpsons was also a current and popular T.V. show, and reminisce on the craze of playing Pokemon!


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