When am I having babies?

I feel like I get this question at least a few time a week.

When do you think you’ll be ready? What are you waiting on? When do you think you’ll have kids?

I love babies and I definitely want my own, don’t get me wrong.

The Libra in me is always indecisive. I take forever to make up my mind. Countless times I’ve gone in a store, saw more options than I was originally prepared for, and left empty handed and frustrated because I couldn’t make up my mind.

The economist in me hates making uninformed decisions – so naturally I want to read up on everything baby-wise. I want to know all the minor details that no one tells you about. I want to prepare long before conception – exercise, prenatal vitamins, you name it.

Amidst all the uncertainty I’m married, we’re financially stable, and I know my family will be there to support us. I do have an amazing husband who will definitely be a good father, and did I mention my in laws are amazing!

What intimates me is all the hard work involved. I can’t know for sure if my pregnancy will be great or if I’ll be really sick. Then once the baby is here there’s the crying, sleepless nights, exhaustion, pain, poop, vomit, basically all the not-so-adorable stuff. Of course, every experience is different.

I also wonder whether they’ll like me. I can be very impatient and a bit too strict. There’s strict and then there’s “ok it’s not that serious”. I’m the second one.

It’s just overwhelming! I want babies, but how do you know when you’re ready?

How do you know when you’re ready?!!!