Life Happens…

When I first started this blog the goal was to blog everyday, or every other day at the least. Last October I decided I needed to concentrate all my energy into completing my Master’s degree – which I completed that December by the way – so I cut out most social media, blogging, couponing, etc. 

Fast foward to February 1st, 2017 when I found out I was pregnant

February, March, and April were the three most miserable months of my life! I never knew I could be simultaneously on cloud 9 with happiness, and in misery! MORNING SICKNESS IS NO JOKE! Especially when combined with food aversions to almost EVERYTHING! In April the food aversions went away, but the nausea / vomiting didn’t subside until May.

Here we are in June, and I’m finally feeling human again, finally enjoying pregnancy, and finally have more energy.

There’s so much ‘T’ to catch up on. 

PS: Be prepared for a lot of pregnancy posts 😉.