I’ll never have it all figured out

Recently it dawned on me that this is it!

As I get nearer to finishing graduate school, I realize that the majority of life’s milestone events are skewed towards early adulthood. After 25 there’s (usually) marriage, becoming parents, home ownership, and getting that dream career, for the average person.

It seems as soon as we hit middle school society has been sifting and sorting us onto different paths – what subjects do you want to study?, what are you extra-curricular activities?, what’s your college major?, what’s your career? Well I’m still asking myself some of these questions.

Let me clarify, I like my current job and I definitely wouldn’t change my degrees in economics. But while I’m becoming an economist, while I’ll probably become a parent, while I’m a wife, I still want to do more. I’d like to become an entrepreneur. I’d also like to be an author (and not just in academic journals).

I think that now I’m almost finished with school, I don’t want to close off all the other doors to what I can become in life (career wise). I don’t plan on quitting my day job to pursue these other interests, (yes, I know becoming an entrepreneur is time consuming) but I want to be successful in different disciplines.

So, I don’t think I’ll ever have it all figured out.

I have the basics down, but is that it? Don’t think so!



Born This Way

This show sneaked up on me. After watching Married at First Sight (another favorite show) I happened to keep the tv on A&E and this fabulous show came on. That was it!


What I love the most about this show is how regular their lives are.

I don’t personally know anyone with down syndrome, so I hadn’t the slightest idea what everyday life is like for people with this disability. When I see Megan dealing with her long distance relationship, Steven and Sean learning to be roommates together, Cristina missing her fiance, or Elena feeling lonely amidst all the couples (even though she is happy that her friends found love), I realize that their daily troubles are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. They may react to some things differently, like crying when they found out that one of their group is pre-diabetic, but they’re just people pursuing their dreams.

I also really love their sense of humor. These kids (young adults) are SO funny and so full of life!

Not to mention, there were a couple of episodes where they visited my home country Trinidad and Tobago! How awesome is that!

Data on my mind

I haven’t blogged in a while.

I’ve been trying to put together my data set for my Capstone project. I know I’m supposed to have my question, then get the data, then do the analysis…but I just need to graduate! okay! I want to make sure I actually have a data set to work with, then I’ll get my question, then I’ll create the relevant sample and do my analysis.

What’s taking so long?

It’s a gravity data set. It contains information on the bilateral trade costs (and other factors) for EVERY country pair, for as many years that you want.

To get this together I’m combining:

  1. World Development Indications from the World Bank (namely GDP, Population for several years).
  2. Distance and Geographical information from CEPII (Centre de recherche français dans le domaine de l’économie internationale).
  3. All the bilateral trade flows (imports and exports) for several years from the UN COMTRADE (United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database).

Sounds simple enough right?


But fear not. Come hell or high water I will be graduating in December 2016!


There are tons of online resources that helped me figure out exactly what needs to be done, and I will meet with my adviser soon.

It would also be beyond great if this paper could be published in an academic journal!


Oh and just in case you’re curious, I’m programming this data in Stata.