My Wedding 

On June 4th 2016 I got married!

As if it wasn’t tough enough planning a destination wedding while in grad school and working full-time, I also made 95% of the decorations (including flowers) and a few of the gift items. Yes, I do consider myself a sort of masochist!

Anyways, I plan on blogging about my planning experience and about all the crafts I did.

Overall the wedding was amazing. I’m not saying that because it was mine, I’m saying that because it’s true! None of the crazy dreams I had – not having a dress, no hairdresser, the bridesmaids looking like the each belonged in a different wedding party – and not one of my worries – explosive family disagreements, having the money to pay vendors, etc. – happened! After a week of rain the weather was perfect! And, although I had everything planned to a t (I gave the day-of coordinator a 29 page document on everything from songs picked to seating arrangements to decorations), the things that didn’t go as planned still worked out great!

The wedding was at the Villas at Stonehaven in Tobago.

Stonehaven view


I made all the table centerpieces, my aunt made the place cards.

Table Setting


I made the save-the-date and my aunt made the invitations.





My friend MJ did the bridesmaids bouquets, I made the corsages and the men’s boutonnieres.



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I made the seating chart and the decorative flower arrangement above it.

Seating chart


I decorated flip flops and made totes / cross-body bags.

Bride and bridesmaids flip flops


Bridesmaids bags


Flower girl bags




My grandmother made my dress!


Wedding dress made by my grandmother


And I made my garters.

DIY Garters

My Bff is getting married!!!

What do you do when your best friend announces she’s engaged?

I literally jumped up and down while screaming excitedly.

I cried a little when I hugged her.

I told my entire family, including my distant cousins, in-laws, everyone!

I got to work right away making a “start planning” kit. This included a binder with recommendation from things I used while planning my own wedding and planner (from a free online pdf), a pair of DIY bridal slippers, a DIY bridal hanger, and a couple bridal magazines. Yes, by DIY I really mean that I made these things!

Wedding planning kit
DIY bride flip flops
DIY bride hanger